Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is a great addition to the 'toolbox' along with corrective exercises, trigger point release work, foam rolling and therapies such as massage. It is another part of the jigsaw puzzle to keep you injury free and performing well.

The theory behind taping is to increase blood flow to an area of the body, improve healing, reduce swelling and offers support to the muscle or joint.

Taping can be used to treat an acute injury (twisted ankle or torn calf for example) or to help with an ongoing problem – it's great for ITB and knee issues. It is designed to be worn for 3-5 days for optimal effect and is supportive, yet still allows movement and therefore doesn't restrict running or exercise.

Taping can be done before a race or long run for example, or to treat a niggle before it becomes a bigger issue. Any part of the body can be taped and it can be used on anyone, young or old, athletic or not.

It only takes a few minutes and can be done at the beginning or end of a session or as a quick visit to my clinic. Contact me to book in for an appointment.

Check out Rocktape for more info

Quick Fix Taping Clinic 10-15 minutes - £10