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Cliff Hiking

'Return to you' recovery coaching

Rehabilitation, mentoring and recovery after illness, surgery or burnout


'The thing about exercise, is when you feel like it the least, is when you need it the most'. #movementismedicine


Does this sound like you?

Recovering from illness, surgery or some sort of burnout?

Have a cancer diagnosis? or are recovering from cancer treatment (more detail on that below)

Unsure how exercise fits into your life after illness or surgery?

Want to reset your relationship with exercise and activity?

Have lost your confidence?

Struggling with 'booming and busting' when it comes to exercise and activity?

Suffering from CFS, ME or another chronic fatigue condition and you want know how to exercise?

You're feeling vulnerable and fragile after a traumatic event and you want to get moving but don't know how?

It would be my privilege to help you. Please get in touch for a free initial 10 minute chat about how I can help.


How I can help

Exercise is a powerful tool to help you recover and get you life back. I love to work with people recovering from 'stuff' - illness, surgery, cancer, trauma and any sort of burnout.

I take a gentle, intuitive approach, combining clinical Pilates, biomechanics and movement coaching. My approach is 'person centred'... meaning that everything we do is driven by you, your medical condition and your lifestyle and desires.

I empower you to take back control and give you the tools, resources and advice you need. I don't offer ongoing training sessions. Instead I want you to feel confident to find your own path. So I offer a 3 session coaching package to get you started, rebuild your confidence and help you develop a new approach to movement. I have a network of referral pathways, trainers and classes to recommend.


Cancer Rehabilitation

I am a qualified Cancer Exercise & Rehabilitation Specialist and Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Rehab Instructor. I’m also work at The Hospice in the Weald in Tunbridge Wells run exercise groups for Nuffield Health.

Is exercise safe?

Exercise is not only safe, but it is now widely recommended that people who have cancer or who are recovering from treatment use exercise as part of their therapy. 

There are many reasons to be active when you have cancer: ​

  • ​Treatment side effects including fatigue, lymphoedema, muscle loss, weight gain, bone density loss and many others can all be improved with exercise.

  • Exercise can help rebuild your confidence and manage anxiety and stress. 

  • Getting fit BEFORE surgery or treatment can help​ you recover faster and have better outcomes.

  • Around 70% of people with cancer have surgery. It's vital to do post-op rehabilitation exercises as part of your recovery.


You may have many questions about what’s safe, how to exercise when having treatment or when to resume exercise after surgery. Even if you were very fit before your diagnosis and treatment, it can be a shock to discover how unfit you can become in a very short period of time.  

Rehabilitation exercises will play an important part in the recovery process, to rebuild your body again and prevent injuries further down the line.

But it can be very difficult...

Many people feel vulnerable and low in confidence and this affects all aspects of your life. It’s also estimated that 70% of people undergoing cancer treatment suffer from fatigue. Research has shown that being active is the best treatment for ‘cancer related fatigue’.

Whatever your lifestyle and needs I can help you find strategies and ways to exercise that work best for you and your stage of treatment.

​Before - During - After

I’m happy to work with you at any stage of your cancer treatment – before surgery or treatment, immediately post-surgery (within days of discharge), during treatment or at any time in the future during your recovery and stage of cancer treatment

Before surgery

There’s is a growing practice of ‘pre-habilitation’ to get people physically better prepared before they have surgery. You may find your Doctor wants you to exercise before you have major surgery as this can improve the outcomes and recovery.

During treatment

During chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it is still possible to be active and it can help you manage some of the side effects of treatment. Even on days when you're fatigued, some gentle home based movements or a short walk can make you feel so much better.

After surgery

If you’ve had surgery, you will need to do rehabilitation exercises for the area of your body that has been affected, this might be shoulder and chest exercises after breast cancer or abdominal after bowel or gynae cancers. 


How does it work?

​I offer 1:1 appointments in person at my clinic in East Sussex or via video. 

I will liaise with your clinical/oncology team or surgeon especially if you're still undergoing treatment.

​A typical programme could involve:

Specific rehabilitation exercises after surgery 

Development of a general conditioning and fitness plan to do before, during or after treatment

Providing reassurance and structure about how to exercise safely given your condition

Coaching to help you work through your changing relationship with movement

Returning to more competitive sport or activities

Using heart rate training or other intuitive methods to monitor exercise and provide structure

Appropriate movement, activity and exercise can help almost every chronic health condition and is the most powerful tool you have for your recovery.



I have a unique combination of skills and qualifications and offer very specialist services. My pricing structure reflects my qualifications, 25 years of experience and continual investment in training and courses. 

The best way to work with me is by purchasing a 3 session package. This includes ongoing support and will get you the best results.


£225 - 3 Session Package 

This includes:

90 minute initial assessment/appointment 

2 x 60 minute follow ups (ideally 2-4 weeks apart)

Support and contact with me via email/phone throughout the package time-frame.

Includes any training plans, sessions, referrals, recommendations, letters to consultants or medical professionals, admin and follow up emails/calls.

This can be via video or in person at my studio (or a combination) depending on what your needs are.

£70  - 60 mins
£105 - 90 mins

Stand Alone One-Off Appointments

I also offer 'stand alone' one off appointments. This works well if you just want to check something out, gain some clarity, have a quick assessment or ask a specific question. 

This can be via video or in person at my studio.