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Intuitive running means really listening to your body. Change your relationship with running and the way you run, so you can run for life.


'Being able to run is a joy and a privilege. Never ever take it for granted.'


My approach to running

I believe we need to rethink everything about running. We need to shut out the noise from the internet and social media feeds, telling us how far, how fast and what times we should be doing.

Running should nourish us, give us joy, a sense of freedom and confidence. It is there to make us feel alive, healthy and happy. It can be whatever you want it to be and it should fit into your life in a way that doesn't add stress. We can learn to 'run smart' and run for life. We shouldn't dread going for a run, it should bring us joy.

Over the years I've developed what I call an 'intuitive' approach to running coaching. 

Intuitive running means listening to your body. It is about knowing how you feel and running to effort rather than a set pace. It's about being in tune with your body and knowing when to run hard, take it easy or when to rest.  It's about listening to your body so that you can pick up on signs and signals of imbalance or niggles. It can help you reduce injury, overtraining and illness. 

It's about learning how to use running to nourish you, to perform to your best and enjoy running for life.

Too many runners over-focus on time, pace, training plans and PB’s and end up on a roller coaster of injury, overtraining and illness. Whilst initially there is a sense of achievement, over time it's not sustainable and can create pressure, a sense of failure and a distorted relationship with exercise.

I believe we should run in a way which is more sustainable, nourishing and mindful. I believe in ditching the training plan, GPS watch, headphones and phone app which beeps in your ear. Race results still matter, but they are a 'consequence' of your training rather than a goal.

I teach people to learn how to listen to their body - and to respond to what it tells them. To run with intuition, run injury free and to be able to do it forever.

I’ve worked with runners of all abilities for over 25 years. I started running a beginners running group in Docklands in London back in 1993 and have since coached and mentored thousands of runners. I’ve been a competitive club runner, GB duathlete and club coach. I am qualified UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and was deputy editor of Running Fitness magazine for many years. I’ve run over 31 marathons and various ultra distance runs.

​Running intuitively doesn't mean not taking part in races or being competitive. It means that the time/position is the outcome rather than the goal. It means learning to listen to your body and not being a slave to the training plan or the watch. 


How does it work?

My coaching service:

Through 1:1 sessions or Skype calls, I offer coaching and mentoring for runners who want to learn how to run more intuitively.

I work with marathon runners, new runners, returning (after burnout) runners or anyone wanting to 'reset' their relationship with running.

  • I teach you how to move well, warm up and cool down properly. Your 'biomechanics' dictates your running form and technique. Consciously changing your running form (i.e. trying to run on your forefoot) can lead to injury and increased load. Instead, allow your form to develop with drills, corrective movement and strength work. I can teach you how to do this… even via video.

  • I specialise in working with injured runners, so if you have an ongoing niggle, annoying injury or something that just won't go away, I can help you understand the root cause and how to self-care and adjust your approach to training.

  • Train with heart rate rather than pace/GPS. Most runners run too fast most of the time (particularly beginners) – leading to burnout and injury. Training with heartrate teaches you to tune into your body, train at the right endurance zone and get more from your training. I can help you work out your zones and guide you through the process.

  • I believe in 'recovery based' training. Using resting and recovery heart-rates to monitor signs of overtraining, recovery and adaptation. Learning to listen to signs of injury or overtraining means you can be flexible with your training rather than blindly following a plan.

  • Combining biomechanics coaching and running coaching teaches you to listen to your body, tune into signs of injury, overload or overtraining and how to adapt your training accordingly.

  • Monitoring and measuring lifestyle influences including stress, sleep, nutrition and hydration all play a part in your running and recovery. 

  • I don't do 'training plans'. Instead I work as a mentor supporting you to develop your own plan and structure. This is ideal for new marathon runners or those wanting to do it 'a different way'.

I offer 1:1 coaching/mentoring sessions in person at my clinic or via video/phone.

Biomechanics Coaching is the foundation of ‘intuitive running’ – see my Biomechanics Coaching page for more information.

Running intuitively doesn't mean not taking part in races or being competitive. It means that the time/position is the outcome rather than the goal. It means learning to listen to your body and not being a slave to the training plan or the watch. 


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