My Professional Experience

I have more than two decades of experience as an exercise professional and I can't imagine doing anything else. Twenty six years after starting my career as a personal trainer in a corporate gym in London, I still love what I do and bring endless energy to my work. I'm deeply passionate about having a healthy relationship with exercise. 

I now work more clinically and specialise in helping people after stoma surgery, with cancer, burned out or injured runners, those with chronic illness/fatigue and people with ongoing injuries or pain who want to finally get to bottom of their problem. 

I keep up to date with my training and thinking, and weave together a unique range of movement based modalities  including cancer rehabilitation, biomechanics, movement coaching and clinical Pilates ... and with decades of knowledge and experience I offer a holistic and individualised service. My style is very much based on clinical Pilates and I have trained with APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute)

​Although I love to work with a wide range of clients, due to my own personal experience, my passion is in stoma surgery and bowel cancer and the role that exercise plays in recovery.

I have been working in an increasingly clinical role with nurses and people with bowel conditions over the last few years. I have developed the industry-leading training course (me+™recovery) for ConvaTec ( to educate nurses about exercise, movement and recovery for their patients. I have trained thousands of nurses around the world and over 300 NHS and private nurses in the UK.​

I am currently recognised as one of the UK’s leading practitioners in abdominal rehabilitation and recovery after stoma surgery.

This work led me to write and publish my first book  The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit.

I have also conducted research and published clinical research papers in peer reviewed medical journals – British Journal of Nursing and Gastrointestinal Nursing in 2016 and 2017.

​I love presenting and teaching, and regularly speak at conferences and workshops around the world about stoma rehabilitation, bowel cancer, hernia and exercise in this specialist population.

In addition to this, I volunteer at the Hospice in the Weald in Tunbridge Wells where I work with the outpatient exercise group and run cancer exercise groups for Nuffield Health. 



  • BSc and MSc Sport and Exercise Science Degrees

  • BASES Certified Exercise Practitioner

  • Diploma Biomechanics Coaching including Low Back Pain

  • L4 CanRehab Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation

  • APPI Clinical Pilates 

  • Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

  • UKA Coach in Running Fitness

  • RSA Exercise To Music

  • Chair Based Exercise

  • British Cycling Breeze Ride Leader

  • Sports and Outdoor First Aid, CPR and AED

  • Fully insured 


My Ethos

No-one should be scared to move, run or exercise. We should never feel that we're missing out on life, events or activities or unable to contribute to the world or do the things we love. I can relate to that feeling. I've been there and know how frustrating and vulnerable you can feel when unwell, in pain or injured.

I specialise in working with people with a wide range of medical conditions, injuries, aches, pains and challenges. I enjoy helping people overcome 'stuff'. In particular I love working with people with cancer, after bowel/stoma surgery, injured or burned out runners or people who want to move better and with more confidence.

I don't offer 'hands on' passive therapy, but instead empower you to take care of yourself. I teach you what your body needs and how you can help yourself with the right movements and exercises.


How I can help

Exercise is a powerful tool to help you recover and get you life back. I love to work with people recovering from 'stuff' - illness, surgery, cancer, trauma and any sort of burnout.

I take a gentle, intuitive approach, combining clinical Pilates, biomechanics and movement coaching. My approach is 'person centred'... meaning that everything we do is driven by you, your medical condition and your lifestyle and desires.

I empower you to take back control and give you the tools, resources and advice you need. I don't offer ongoing training sessions. Instead I want you to feel confident to find your own path. So I offer a 3 session coaching package to get you started, rebuild your confidence and help you develop a new approach to movement. I have a network of referral pathways, trainers and classes to recommend.


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