Online clinical exercise, specialist Pilates and rehabilitation for anyone with cancer or after stoma surgery.

The coronavirus pandemic changed my business for the better, enabling me to help more people than ever before and provide a unique and bespoke online service. During lockdown I was inundated with people looking for online cancer rehabilitation, expert advice about stoma surgery recovery and clinical Pilates on video. 

I found that I loved working with people on video and that I was getting great feedback.. people were loving their sessions and it was so easy and safe for them.

Now suddenly, I could provide support to people all over the UK, not just in my local area. So I decided to take my business completely online and to specialise in people with a cancer diagnosis and those having stoma surgery. 

Restore your confidence and strength after stoma surgery with clinical Pilates and specific core rehabilitation training.

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Rebuild your confidence and health during or after treatment and surgery. Rediscover your relationship with your body, exercise and movement.

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I have a unique combination of skills and qualifications and offer very specialist services. My pricing structure reflects my qualifications, 25 years of experience and continual investment in training and courses. 

Standard = 1 hour £55

Short = (max 45 mins) £40

Rate is the same via video or in person

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