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Restore your confidence and strength after stoma surgery with clinical Pilates and specific core rehabilitation training

Stoma Rehabilitation and Pilates: Services


I am incredibly passionate about helping people overcome the fear associated with living a stoma, restoring your confidence and rebuilding your body after surgery.

Why do I care so much? because I have a stoma too. I get it. I understand how it feels to be vulnerable, scared and worried about exercise, how to move and what's safe.

When I had my stoma surgery in 2010 I realised that there was very little support and advice about exercise and rehabilitation. The advice I did get was confusing and conflicting and everyone just kept telling me to 'rest'. Which didn't seem intuitive to me at all.

Even though I had a MSc and 20 years of experience as an exercise professional, I still felt lost and unsure about what was safe to do. So I set about researching and developing safe and appropriate exercise programmes.  Since then I've worked with thousands of patients, spoken at international conferences all around the world and trained hundreds of nurses, both in the UK and around the world. I'm now recognised as one of the UK's leading experts in rehabilitation after stoma surgery and exercise with a stoma.  

My approach is centered on the importance of rehabilitating the abdominal and deep core muscles in a safe and appropriate way before and after surgery. This forms the foundation for everything else and a 'springboard' to help us rebuild confidence, movement and good alignment.

I developed the industry leading me+recovery programme for Convatec and then wrote my book The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit. I was also recently invited to collaborate and input on 'stoma' in the new ACSM guidelines for cancer survivors.

I use my training in clinical Pilates, biomechanics and movement coaching to understand the implications of stoma surgery on the body and biomechanics. I use a 'step-by-step' approach to recovery and rehabilitation and teach you how to move safely and appropriately. 

Stoma Rehabilitation and Pilates: About


I offer 1:1 Pilates and core rehabilitation exercise sessions via video link, which means that wherever you are in the UK or world, you can access this specialist service.

I can work with you at any stage - before or after surgery, even many years later. It's never too late to start.

And conversely, it's never too early. The current Association of Stoma Care Nurses (ASCN) guidelines state that everyone undergoing stoma surgery should commence core exercises within 3-4 days of surgery. Ideally if you can start before your surgery you'll benefit even more. 

I can support you with:

Core exercises

Clinical Pilates


Return to exercise or sport

Rebuilding confidence in general

Training for a specific event

Becoming active & overcome barriers

I work closely with consultants, physios and nurses and have a extensive referral network if needed.

You can book me to start straight away after surgery or start at any time when you feel ready.

Stoma Rehabilitation and Pilates: About

“Get back to the life you love and the things that matter most”

Happy Woman
Stoma Rehabilitation and Pilates: Quote


I have a unique combination of skills and qualifications and offer very specialist services. My pricing structure reflects my qualifications, 30 years of experience and continual investment in training and courses. 


Rate is the same via video or in person

Stoma Rehabilitation and Pilates: Pricing
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