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By signing an agreement (including via digital signature) to work with me and have a consultation/appointment (in person or by video), you are entering into a contract with me and agreeing to the following disclaimer and T&C's


  • I will participate in any exercise session with Sarah Russell/follow recommendations from Sarah Russell or take advice about topics related to exercise rehabilitation, movement, Pilates, exercise training, hydration, sports nutrition or any other related topic (in person, via email, phone or video) entirely at my own risk. 

  • I will not hold Sarah Russell responsible for any injury, loss or accident incurred, unless due to negligence. 

  • I agree to inform Sarah Russell of my relevant medical history and inform her of any new medical or physical reason which may impact my participation in a certain exercise or training session. 

  • If I am unsure of my suitability to exercise I agree to gain permission from a doctor or medical professional to participate in exercise if I have any doubts or if requested to do so by Sarah Russell.


  • I give my permission to be contacted by Sarah Russell by email, phone, text or messenger.

  • I give permission for Sarah Russell to contact my GP, doctor, consultant or any other health care professional if necessary.

  • I understand that my personal information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and is not shared with anyone else for any purpose, apart from referral to a health care professional if necessary. 

  • I understand that my personal details, including my medical history and any notes taken by Sarah Russell will be stored securely (in both hard copy and digitally) for the length of time I am working with Sarah Russell and for 5 years thereafter. Electronic communications will be held on a computer protected by password.

  • I understand my personal details will not be shared with any third party and will not be used for marketing purposes, apart from in relation to services from Sarah Russell.

  • I understand that my personal information may be collected via a secure link through Wufoo forms and stored securely in a password protected database linked to Mailchimp. Both systems are password protected and secure. I will not hold Sarah Russell responsible for any breach of confidentiality of a third party. 


  • Cancellation policy - please provide 24 hours notice of any confirmed appointment or consultation. Less than 24 hours notice may result in being charged for the full cost of the appointment.

  • Payment is required before the allotted appointment/consultation time via BACS.

  • Please be punctual for your allotted appointment time whether this is in person or video.


I pride myself in providing a professional, high quality and caring service with ALL my clients. Any advice or recommendations are given in good faith and based on my qualifications, clinical experience and knowledge. I work with a 'coaching' style and prefer to develop a collaborative approach with my clients and encourage 'team thinking' where we work things out together. This method may be different to your previous experiences, but I know it works and is a much better long term approach. If at any time you're not happy about the advice or service you have received from me, please do not hesitate to discuss it with me. THANK YOU.

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