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*Video Consultations During Coronavirus*

Video Movement Coaching, Rehab and Consultations

Coronavirus may have stopped us in our tracks, but niggles, aches and pains don't go away. Isolation and lack of support/professional advice can increase pain and fear.

As a movement specialist I focus on visual assessments, movement coaching and exercise prescription, and this can easily be delivered by a video consultation. 

I can assess you via video, teach self massage techniques, rehab exercises, stretches and strength corrective exercises and even teach you to tape yourself. As well as simple advice on training load, specific exercises and modifications. 

It's not perfect, but there's plenty we can do. Whether you've got back pain, knee pain or any other niggle or concern, I'm here to help. Don't struggle alone.

Everyone is feeling the pinch, so I'm offering a special appointment rate of £35 (up to 45 minutes).

I work via WhatApp and Zoom which are super easy to set up. All you need is your smartphone. 



My Services

Biomechanics and Movement Coaching

Understand your body and how it moves. What's the root cause of your injuries? and what you can do about it to stay healthy and pain free.

Running Coaching & Mentoring

Intuitive running means really listening to your body. Whether you're a new runner, marathon runner, injured runner or burned out runner I'm here to help.

Stoma & Abdominal Surgery Rehabilitation

Restore your confidence after stoma surgery with coaching and specific core rehabilitation training.

Cancer Rehabilitation & Exercise

Rebuild your confidence after cancer, illness or surgery. Rediscover your relationship with your body, exercise and movement.



Welcome. My name is Sarah Russell and I'm a Clinical Exercise Specialist. Think of someone who combines the skills of a fitness trainer/Pilates instructor/physiotherapist with a clinical knowledge of illness and injury.  That's me. And I am so glad you've found me..

My passion is to help people move with more confidence, without pain or fear and to have a happy and healthy relationship with exercise. 

Whether you have a chronic illness, cancer, have just had surgery, you have an injury or niggle or just want to learn to exercise or run in a different way, I'm here to help.

I work with a wide range of clients but tend to specialise a few specific groups:

  • Runners (especially new runners, first time marathoners, injured or burned out runners or returning from injury)

  • People with a diagnosis of cancer

  • People who have had abdominal surgery (in particular stoma surgery)

  • Anyone who wants to exercise alongside managing a chronic health condition

What I do doesn't fit neatly in a box.  I weave together unique skills, expertise and knowledge - gathered over more than two decades - which means I can provide a genuine 'person-centred' service. 

I work with a wide range of 1:1 'virtual clients' all over the world and also offer consultations in my clinic in East Sussex. 

Please get in touch and see how we can work together. Sarah x


Client Testimonials


Sarah is an amazing listener. I came to see her to try and understand why I was constantly fatigued and kept getting ill after running. Sarah helped me understand my entire 'life jigsaw' and together we worked on training methods, recovery and nutrition. Now I have a different approach and treat my body with more respect. I don't get wiped out anymore and know how to use a 'recovery based' training method.


I have a unique combination of skills and qualifications and offer very specialist services. My pricing structure reflects my qualifications, 25 years of experience and continual investment in training and courses.  The best way to work with me is by purchasing a 3 session package. This includes ongoing support and will get you the best results.


£225 - 3 Session Package 

This includes:

90 minute initial assessment/appointment 

2 x 60 minute follow ups (ideally 2-4 weeks apart)

Support and contact with me via email/phone throughout the package time-frame.

This can be via video or in person at my studio (or a combination) depending on what your needs are.

£70  - 60 mins
£105 - 90 mins

Stand Alone One-Off Appointments

I also offer 'stand alone' one off appointments. This works well if you just want to check something out, gain some clarity, have a quick assessment or ask a specific question. 

This can be via video or in person at my studio.

Valued partners

Brands, organisations and companies I work closely with, recommend and support.

Full_Purition_Logo_PureNutrition (1).png


I use Purition as a smoothie for breakfast before a run, or afterwards as a great recovery drink. It's high in protein and is based on real natural food (and it tastes really good too). Also as someone with a bowel condition, it's ideal on days when I'm feeling a little off colour and need to give my digestive system some TLC. It's gentle on my stomach and gives me a slow release of energy.



SOSRehydrate is a different sort of sports drink. It has perfect osmolarity (balance of sugar and sodium), meaning that's it's absorbed by the body properly and maintains optimum hydration status. So much better than sugary drinks and perfect for runners and anyone with an ileostomy.


I am proud to have developed the me+recovery programme for ConvaTec. I also really believe in their products and wear the Esteem Synergy mouldable stoma bag and use Niltac remover spray.